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Satta Kadir is the only monthly that provides a proper translation of legal terminologies and features analytical articles of importance on various aspects of law including human rights issues.

The jounal also provides details of relevant decisions of local, supreme and high courts in India. This journal also covers an analysis of impact of various provisions of laws upon ordinary people in the society. Although these matters relate to Indian Law, number of these are also relevant to people who are interested in understanding the evolution of case laws in various spheres of law.

The issues that this journal covers, particularly, opinions of legal experts, public interest litigatins, property rights, issues covering matrimonial cases, are for the benefit of our tamil diaspora community. Our regular readers come from a cross section of the community. They include advocates, judges, government officials, polticians, law students and common public. The famous Connemara Public Library in Chennai - along with most Tamil Nadu district and branch libraries - has taken subscription for this jounral.

Currently many people of tamil origin from Malaysia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Mauritius, South Africa, UAE, USA, UK and France are regularly subscribing to our journal. Apart from understanding legal issues, this journal provies people around the globe an interesting reading material - enabling them to maintain their tamil language skills as well.

To subscribe to SattaKadir, you can send your Cheque/DD drawn in favour of Satta Kadir to our address. Money Orders and Postal Orders are not accepted.